As Above, So Below

As Above So Below

I recently had a discussion with a good friend about life, its meaning and how do we make sense of what goes on in the world.  She had been feeling like, “What is the point?”. She wants answers. “What is the point?” is a question that I think every human asks at some point in their life.  As we were talking, a huge question (and possibly a realization) arose within me. I have heard spiritual teachers talk about, “As Above, So Below”. I never really understood that, but I accepted it as something like this:  We humans “As Below” are a reflection of Heaven/God/Creator/Universe/Unified Field (you pick your word) which is the “As Above”. I great up Catholic and we learned that we are created in the image of God (“As Above”), which I take to mean that we (“As Below”) would have the same gifts, abilities and free will as God.  In the Lord’s Prayer, there is also a part that says, “on Earth as it is in Heaven”, which I also seem to take the same meaning as, “As Above, So Below.” Some people have explained “As Above, So Below” as, “the microcosm reflects the macrocosm”, which to me really explains the same thing. The Earth is the microcosm of “Heaven/Cosmos/Universe/Macrocosm/Above”  (once again, you pick your word), which is the macrocosm.

I looked up the quote online and found this quote by Hermes Trismegistus.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

I have already learned by experience and understand “As Within, So Without” but still the “As Above, So Below” and the part, “As the Universe, So the Soul” is still baffling me.

Here is my huge question (and possibly realization).  If that is true, “As Above, So Below”, “the microcosm reflects the macrocosm” and “on Earth as it is in Heaven”, then Above/Macrocosm/Heaven may not be perfect?  Was there some choice made in the “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven” that created the chaos and is reflected here on Earth? Here we go down a rabbit hole, because then comes the question, what does “perfect” mean?  Is our experience here, no matter how painful or destructive, “perfect”? Was it by design? Was the choice that was made in “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven” actually made on purpose to see what it would be like to feel “separate” from the whole?  Did we make that choice, since there is a part of us still in “As Above” since we are multidimensional beings? Or, was it simply an error, a mistake, a simple thought that manifested by accident? There are theories that there have been many different civilizations on Earth and many “Golden Ages” of “Heaven on Earth” for hundreds of thousands of years.  Our civilization did not just begin 10,000 years ago. Humans have been around much longer than that.

I believe that as we move into the new Age of Aquarius, which is another Golden Age, that we can create Heaven on Earth.  However, does that first need to be created in “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven”? Or is it already created and is just waiting for us humans, here in the physical plane to magnetize it into our physical experience through our thought, desires and intentions?

More questions:  Does the creation in “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven” instantly reflect in “Below/Microcosm/Earth”? Or is there a lag because we live in a time/space continuum and in “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven” there is no time, so that makes this question irrelevant?  Could we instantly create if we were outside of time and space?

Another belief I hold is that this physical world is not the “real” world.  The “real” world is where we live eternally. It is where our souls come from before we are born and where they go to after we die. Earth is simply a place to experience and learn from duality.  When we are living in constant joy and bliss and love (“Above”), how do we even know what that is without experiencing the opposite of joylessness, pain and hate (“Below”), but if “As Above, So Below” is true as I understand it, then is there joylessness, pain and hate “Above”?  I don’t think so, but it leaves me confused.

If there really is no time and the past, present and future are happening simultaneously, then maybe the negative/denser emotions/feelings/beliefs are not allow in “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven” and so we have to keep coming back here to earth until we clean up our energetic mess, but then what is “Above/Macrocosm/Heaven”?  How did the negative emotions/feelings/beliefs get here in the first place if “As Above, So Below”? As we do our “clean-up work” or healing, are we healing the past, present and future, transmuting all parts of us back into the pure love energy that we are? Are we here to call all the fragmented parts of us back to the whole?

I could propose question after question and talk this in circles and circles.  I think it is what philosophers have discussed since the beginning of time. Will we ever know how it really is, what is the truth?  Or is reality simply what each different person perceives it to be? Going back to the discussion with my friend, she is so frustrated because she wants to KNOW THE TRUTH.

Wow, I confused myself even more after writing this.  This post is really only full of questions. I don’t know how it really is.  I have some theories and ideas, but I think they are only that, theories and ideas.  I think the actual reality is too big for our minds to even comprehend, but we like to think about it.   I don’t have to know and that is what faith and trust is all about.

I am so grateful to have friends that I can have these kinds of discussions with.  I am grateful that they are actually thinking about these things. I will continue on my healing journey, in full faith and trust that the end outcome is going to be beyond amazing and spectacular, without any clue as to when/how it will happen (in the NOW, of course).  If you read this far, congratulations on your perseverance. Wishing you love, joy, peace and abundance to fill your life.

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

— Hermes Trismegistus

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