My priority and purpose for this incarnation and the time I spend on this physical planet is to heal the trauma and pain of past miscreations held in the memory of my emotional body, mental body and physical body, in order to enjoy Heaven on Earth. As I heal me, I am also helping heal the collective of humanity so we might all flow into a consciousness of unity and love so all beings may feel free and enjoy their lives.

I have three young boys and each of these lovely boys have their own journey and I will share some of my journey as a mom and how I am doing my best to guide them to know themselves better. The years leading up to now have been raw and often overwhelming. I feel like I am the most fortunate mom in the world. I have three of the most courageous, kind and loving children. I am married to an amazingly patient and kind man. I will also share some of our journey together, which we both know is to help heal each other and be mirrors for each other, but it has not always been easy.

My current profession is working with a lovely business partner to help our clients buy or sell residential real estate. In other words, we are real estate agents. We care about the best interest of our clients and always send them love.

I don’t know where this journey will lead me. I am trusting and surrendering and it is not always easy, but I know my heart will show me how I can best live out my soul’s desires for this lifetime, moment by moment, if I will listen.

Please join me on my journey.

Krisanne Heinze, Seattle, WA